Why Tungsten?

Tungsten, a rare metal, is solid, efficient, and strong. Its use in incandescent light bulbs illuminates our world, and helps us see what’s ahead more clearly.



Guided by these core principles, we are able to navigate the pressures of a challenging and evolving transactional environment to guide our clients in a highly transparent manner to achieve their most ambitious goals.


Our team possesses a powerful combination of skill sets and expertise cultivated across sell-side, buy-side, corporate development, and academic contexts. Our comprehensive understanding of the science, clinical, regulatory and financial dimensions of transactions gives us the ability to develop creative and nimble solutions, ultimately helping us to maximize enterprise value and positioning our clients for success in the short- and long-term.


Our multi-transactional approach (financing, licensing, M&A) allows our clients to make the best decision within any market environment, irrespective of whether they are considering a capital raise through dilutive (equity) or non-dilutive (debt or licensing) means or seeking strategic alternatives for partial or full liquidity (through licensing or M&A). By concurrently pursuing all three transaction types (financing, licensing, M&A) and executing a parallel process, we minimize the cost of capital for our clients and maximize both short- and long-term value.

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